Our other projects

Maker space in Brno – Technological park

Our first and the biggest makerspace in Brno. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, our space can help make your ideas a reality. Join us every Wednesday at 6 PM for a guided tour and explore the endless possibilities our community has to offer.

Makerspace at KUMST

Our second, smaller workshop with a focus on education in the field of digital craftsmanship. As part of the creative hub in the heart of Brno on Udolni street, our new space will host a range of exciting courses and hands-on workshops. Join us and unleash your creativity at KUMST's vibrant community!

FabLab University truck

A mobile makerspace packed with cutting-edge technologies. Our truck travels to elementary and high schools, offering hands-on workshops that showcase the endless possibilities of digital craftsmanship. Catch us also at festivals and other public events, and join us in exploring the exciting world of digital innovation!

Online education

Educational platform (not only) for students and teachers. We offer video tutorials on YouTube, 3-month contests for student teams, and courses on digital craftsmanship for teachers. Join us to learn and innovate!

International konference

Get ready for the ultimate FabLab experience! FABx conference, the world's largest gathering of FabLabs, comes to Czech Republic in 2025. Join us for an unforgettable international conference.

Cooperation with companies and corporate partnership

FabLab is home of cutting-edge technologies, it is a great place for discovering, testing, and realizing your own ideas.

Why do companies work with us?

We have a lot of benefits.

Develop employees' abilities

Unusual teambuilding or workshop

Oportunity to get the team out of the box and walls of the company and encourage creative ideas

Branding - 37% of our users are university students

Connection with FabLab as an innovative environment

What do people say about us

What is our offer

Corporate packages

Experiential workshop

You will just come to our place and we will guide you through the process of creation. In the end you will have your own product.

5 people 2,5 hours 1 trainer
2 500 CZK

Machine training

Within two hours we will explain, show you and let you try two technologies. All this under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

20 people 4 hours 1 trainer
12 000 CZK

Workshop on agile rapid prototyping

In just four hours you will experience what it is like to design something in fast changing conditions, how to use modern technologies for rapid prototyping and you will get familiar with FabLab Environment.

15 people 4 hours 2 trainers
15 000 CZK

Teambuilding focused on communication and teamwork

Problem solving under pressure, limited communication options focusing on the essence of the message, all in a small team and with a space station theme. You will experience both the technology and the functioning of your team. The program ends with a reflection where we discuss the whole process.

12 people 4 hours 2 trainers
25 000 CZK

We can create customized program with HR / Education of your company.

We also offer annual membership programs on three levels. The table below is indicative and the package can be individually modified.

An agile rapid prototyping workshop is already included in each package.

Year-round partnership FabLab Brno
Logo on our website
Logo in FabLab
Partner is highlighted at every Tour
Number of top level memberships
Discount on further membership
Exclusive booking of FabLab
yes for additional charge
Partnership exclusivity (max 5)
Discount for workshops / teambuildings 5%
Training on our equipment
2x 2h
4x 2h
50 000 CZK
100 000 CZK
150 000 CZK

Year-round partnership FabLab Experience

We also offer partnerships for our mobile FabLab Experience:

Main Partner
General partner
Rent the truck with program and full service (days in a year)
Logo on truck
Video spots inside truck during some parts of program
Involment of partnership technology in the program
Excluzivity - we can have olny one general partner
Partnership in FabLab Brno included
250 000 CZK
500 000 CZK
1 000 000 CZK


If you are interested in cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us!

Tomáš Mejzlík

managing director

+420 725 960 702


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