CNC Router

The Comagrav Mistral CNC router can cut wood, engrave non-ferrous metals as well as model plastic. These qualities mean that it can be used to make components or customised boards for your project(s). The CNC router has a large workspace of the size 1,600 x 700 mm. The machine is controlled by the PILOT 3D and ArtCAM express systems.

Technical parameters

1,600 x 700 x 130
Number of axes
Performance of milling spindle
2,000 W
Maximum revolutions of spindle
2,400 rpm
Speed of strokes
0.5 - 100mm/s
Bonding ties

What has been created with the CNC router?

Robo Krajčír

CNC RouterLaser Cutting Machine Mechanical workshop

CNC RouterMechanical workshop

Robo Krajčír

CNC Router

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