Electro and IoT Workshop

The electro and IoT workshop has 4 workplaces equipped with solders, exhaust fan, multimeters and various electrical tools. In addition, there are basic and professional oscilloscopes available, and all you need for developing prototypes of electronic and IoT components – from Arduino through to Raspberry, as well as other various types of sensors. Honeywell financially supported the purchase of a large part of the technical equipment in the workshop.

Technical parameters

Components for the Internet of Things
Power supply
Hot air blower
RLC multimeter
Ultrasonic cleaner
Bus Pirate - universal programmer

What has been created in the electro and IoT workshop?

Martin Těšík

Electro and IoT WorkshopLaser Cutting Machine Mechanical workshop

Banner for festival Prototyp with LED backlight

Jan Machát, Michal Okleštěk

Electro and IoT WorkshopLaser Cutting Machine

Raspberry Pi Eink Alarm Clock

Štěpán Veselý

Electro and IoT WorkshopLaser Cutting Machine

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Come to a FabLab Tour
and learn how to work with the equipment

27. 01. 2020. 17:00

ENG FabLab Tour, laser cutter worskhop and 3D printers 17:00-20:30

17-18 FabLab Tour
18-19 laser cutter worskhop
19-20:30 3D printers workshop

For beginnersFree of charge
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