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3D pump model

3D Printers

We founded a business GM Engineering not only for self-realization but above all to meet the needs of customers looking for new, innovate solutions for their projects.

For one of our customers we propose an innovate solution for a high-pressure pump for a diesel engine.

Thanks to the use of the 3D FabLab printer we have created a precise pump model that has allowed to us not only to present the design to the customer but also to check the installation of the pump directly on the engine to ensure the correctness of the solution before the next more expensive stage of prototype production.

The pump consumed a total of about 1200 meters of filament.


3D Printers

There is: Ultimaker 3 - suitable for printing complex objects; 7 Czech printers by Prusa and DeeRed with printing volume 80x60x40 cm.

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