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Maker space in Brno – Technological park

Our first and the biggest makerspace in Brno. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, our space can help make your ideas a reality. Join us every Wednesday at 6 PM for a guided tour and explore the endless possibilities our community has to offer.

Makerspace at KUMST

Our second, smaller workshop with a focus on education in the field of digital craftsmanship. As part of the creative hub in the heart of Brno on Udolni street, our new space will host a range of exciting courses and hands-on workshops. Join us and unleash your creativity at KUMST's vibrant community!

FabLab University truck

A mobile makerspace packed with cutting-edge technologies. Our truck travels to elementary and high schools, offering hands-on workshops that showcase the endless possibilities of digital craftsmanship. Catch us also at festivals and other public events, and join us in exploring the exciting world of digital innovation!

Online education

Educational platform (not only) for students and teachers. We offer video tutorials on YouTube, 3-month contests for student teams, and courses on digital craftsmanship for teachers. Join us to learn and innovate!

International konference

Get ready for the ultimate FabLab experience! FABx conference, the world's largest gathering of FabLabs, comes to Czech Republic in 2025. Join us for an unforgettable international conference.

Miroslav Zuzelka

Jewellery box of massive wood

CNC RouterLaser Cutting Machine


Workflow of the project:

1) inspiration - Instructables

2) design - Fusion 360

3) purchase of material - Hobbylab

4) hard work

5) the joy of the finished product


Our FabLab master Míra was wondered what kind of gift he would give to his amazing girlfriend Lucka. She likes her earrings and chains that she holds in a small plastic box. These treasures has already overwlofed over the edge of their box. He thought that this time he won't stand in queues on the 23rd of December but he will use our great machines in FabLab to produce a jewellery box to her girlfriend.For a while he searched for inspiration on the Internet until he encountered this manual at Instructables. Because he didn't like the angular corners he decided for his own design that was created in software Fusion 360 - the first few pictures. Then he solved where to get the material. There aren't many places in Brno where you could get massive wood, so the choice was clear: Hobbylab. Here he bought the oak plank after consultation with Pepa Sedláček. The planer aligned it from both sides and after 2 hours he left with 2 peices of machined massive wood. 

Now the more complicated part has come, physical production. With great help of Honza Chromec, a colleague from Core Team, he has prepared the data in Fusion and he went into milling. First he started to milling the drawer. Milling went well but when the drawer was removed from the vacuum, it collapsed into two pieces. Because there was a crack in it, the material was essentially split due to the vibrations. The bottom of the jewellery box was milled with a clamp to eliminate the vibrations. The crack on the part was visible but the part didn't break. The wood glue was gently squeezed into the joint and secured with another clamp. 

Now it was still necessary to make the center and top  parts. The center piece was milled as well as the bottom but milling procedure has just been swapped. First was milled the outline and then the inner pocket. There was a crack in the centerpiece again, but this was repaired again with a glue and a clamp. Once the adhesive has hardened, the bottom and center pieces have been glued together and removed with clamps. 

The last was milled the upper part which was more difficult to milling in that it was milled from both sides. First was needed to drill the pin holes, then cut out the contour, clamp the clamps, mill the top pocket, remove the piece from the pin attachment, insert the pins, rotate the material properly and then mill the remaining bottom pocket. This was already done by our expert Honza, since Míra was afraid that it would spoil it and also because it was the only attempt they had, because there wasn't enough material for a corrective trial. Everything went well and the patient survived the surgery, as seen in the last few photos. First you can see the assembled unprocessed jewelerry box and then the abrasive grinder. To compare the size, photos are with phone Samsung A3. 

There was still a need to solve the space in the jewellery box make jewellery not to quarell about the space they are entrusted with. Here comes our laser on which several types of pieces were cut so that space can be simply divided, but also to be later adjusted. The result of the divison is visible in the last photo. 

The price of the project was only material since Míra almost modeled and produced everything. The material was in the hundreds of hundreds but pleasure that his girlfriend have something that she will use every day is priceless. 

The jewellery box was finished on the 24th of December at 1:00 a.m. :)


CNC Router

The Comagrav Mistral CNC router can cut wood, engrave non-ferrous metals as well as model plastic. These qualities mean that it can be used to make components or customised boards for your project(s). The CNC router has a large workspace of the size 1,600 x 700 mm. The machine is controlled by the PILOT 3D and ArtCAM express systems.

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Jewellery box of massive wood

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CNC RouterLaser Cutting Machine

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