Jakub Stacho

Hnefatafl – Viking Chess

Laser Cutting Machine Mechanical workshop

Hnefatafl (Old Norse for King's board) is a Norwegian board game from the 4th century. Ancient Vikings took it on their voyages and spread it throughout the world.

The game is well documented by dozens of game pieces. Wooden game boards prevailed, often with reinforced edges or sides with handles. The king's figure was usually larger and somehow accentuated (for example, had a face or was hobnailed).

However, original rules have never been preserved, therefore modern rules are reconstructed from multiple sources.


I was inspired by this video plus some random images from the internet. I drew all the designs myself. There are no plans, because I am making it up as I go.



  • Laser cutter
  • Rotary attachment
  • Circular saw
  • Drill press
  • Hand planes
  • Bench grinder
  • Excentric sander
  • Files, metal saw
  • Japanese saw for wood
  • Chisels
  • Hammer
  • All the clamps!



Mechanical workshop

The workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools for the machining of wood, plexiglass, plastic or copper.

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Hnefatafl – Viking Chess

Jakub Stacho

Laser Cutting Machine Mechanical workshop

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