Jan Max Pavlica

Bathroom mirror with LED backlight

CNC Router

Our member, Jan Max Pavlica, decided to make his wife happy with new mirror. He used the CNC that we have in FabLab and below is a link to super video as it was created.

The mirror is 70x70 cm large, there is about 2 m of LED strip and 3 cm of MDF board was used as a basis. The mirror was made in about 5 hours divided into several days. Max modeled the mirror about 2 hours in Fusion 360 then he milled it about 1 hour. The rest of the time took the paint, final assembly and hanging on the wall. The glass was cut off in the glazier according to a quoted drawing from Fusion 360.

Super project, thank you for sharing. 

You can see the video here.


CNC Router

The Comagrav Mistral CNC router can cut wood, engrave non-ferrous metals as well as model plastic. These qualities mean that it can be used to make components or customised boards for your project(s). The CNC router has a large workspace of the size 1,600 x 700 mm. The machine is controlled by the PILOT 3D and ArtCAM express systems.

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