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Raspberry Pi Eink Alarm Clock

Electro and IoT WorkshopLaser Cutting Machine

Hardware and software

  • Raspberry Pi Zero + Raspbian
  • Eink display + buttons
  • DAC + Wifi
  • Speakers + earth loop insulator
  • Amplifier + relay
  • Mopids + Spotify Connect


  • Current time and date
  • Weather forecast with icons 
  • SpotifyConnect
  • Alarm clock with Spotify playlists
  • Buttons to stop and delay the alarm
  • Graphical confirmation of the set alarm

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Laser Cutting Machine

The Trotec Speedy 300 allows you to cut, engrave and mark wood, paper board and plexiglass up to a thickness of 8 mm with a maximum area of 726 x 432 mm.

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