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Make your own Simon with ATtiny13

Electro and IoT WorkshopLaser Cutting Machine

The Theatre of Physics ÚDiF puts on a performance with the help of the famous game “Simon” as a way of presenting the fundamentals of electronics. I made the game and uploaded the basic documentation and source files to Hackaday.io. Now you can make the game, too. 

I bought the components via AliExpress and uploaded the programme with a USBasp to a ATtiny13 microcontroller. The microcontroller controls the circuit of the game and the outputs leading to 4 LED lights and a small speaker. You can control the whole game with 5 buttons.

 I welded all the components to a single-sided board with flat joints which I made on my own. I subsequently cut a plywood box, which acted as the housing for the game, with a laser cutting machine and assembled it. 


Laser Cutting Machine

The Trotec Speedy 300 allows you to cut, engrave and mark wood, paper board and plexiglass up to a thickness of 8 mm with a maximum area of 726 x 432 mm.

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